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I’m a little biased when I say that brunch or lunch at almost any cafe on Crown St in Surry Hills will always be good…….but that’s because it’s true.

Nestled inside a park normally buzzing with market stalls, Pieno is the perfect open-air setting for breakfast through to your afternoon coffee. The menu has plenty of options for all-day breakfast and all-day lunch - it might take a while to decide what you’d like, not because there’s too many confusing choices, but because guaranteed they’ll all taste good.

A classic winner for brunch is the Two Eggs on Toast and you’re able to add on sides including mushrooms (my favourite), avocado, bacon, spinach etc. and all for a reasonable price. The scrambled eggs are light yet not undercooked and runny to the point where it just looks wrong. They taste just right. Unlike many cafes, the sides are also a generous serve, worth the money. For those who prefer a mighty yet healthy breakfast, the Vegetarian Big Breakfast will fill you up with happiness for $16.

Lunch at Pieno is also delish. I decided to try the Toasted Vegetarian Wrap with generous fillings of eggplant, roasted capsicum, tomato, cheese and roquette leaves. It not only looks impressive in colour and presentation, but the roquette leaves are a good choice to add a little bitter balance to the richness and sweetness of the other fillings. I almost exploded trying to finish this.

One last favourite item to note. The brewed Soy Chai Latte served in a teapot and allows for about 3 cups to enjoy. If I didn’t go back there for the food, I’d go back to Pieno any day for their Chai. 

  • Breakfast, brunch, lunch, coffee dates
  • Alfresco dining
  • Family friendly
  • Group friendly
  • Meals from $7 to $20
  • Dog friendly

11/285A Crown St
Surry Hills (Sydney)
(02) 8354 1303 

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